Spanish 98685900

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Need translation help with 986857 and 859 penn spanish exam for high school diploma - answered by a verified spanish tutor.

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I need help with some spanish homework: professor gives directions to his class in spanish give the spanish equivalent - answered by a verified spanish tutor. Part 1: english to spanish 1 perdimos el juego 2 ¿cómo puede ser 3 estoy buscando a una persona que sabe cómo dibujar 4 no existe tal persona aquí 5 por el contrario, ni siquiera soy rico 6 entonces me equivoque 7 no se preocupe para asegurarse de que el sol saldrá mañana 8 no me había.

I am looking for the names of the poems in penn examination 98685700 part 3 of the audio portion - answered by a verified spanish tutor for examination 98685900 what is the name of the story on part 2 listening comprehension tape 4l sixth section cher, #1 justanswer spanish expert/mentor. Need spanish help asap online spanish tutors are standing by to give you one -on-one homework help.

Spanish 98685900

Spanish, study unit 6 tape 6, side b tutor's assistant: hola it always takes a while to get your head around a new language but the spanish tutors on justanswer are really good at explaining and taking you through it in the right order tell me more about what you need help with so we can help you best. Hi, i need some help with a penn foster exam the exam number is exam 10 spanish it is the part 3 dictation and listening comprehension instructions: ' the listening passage for this examination consists of two poems you'll hear the poems three times these poems are to be written in spanish as.

Spanish 98685900
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